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Infrared Thermal Scans Services

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics offers services in uncovering and identifying potential hidden building defects in commercial, multi family , and residential properties.

In these economic times thermal imagers have become more important tools as they help identify existing and potential problems that when fixed can substantially improve productivity and save money. Thermal imagers help detect unexpected moisture and inadequate insulation in walls and ceilings, find air leaks in window sills and doors and identify areas of potential energy loss. Below is a list of our services we perform. Please click on the service for a more detailed description.

Residential Infrared Thermography servicesCommercial infrared thermography servicesMultifamily Infrared Thermography InspectionsInfrared Electrical SurveysInfrared Thermography for Energy AuditsInfrared Thermography Scanning for Flat RoofsInfrared Thermography for Exterior EvalutionsInfrared Thermography for Leak Detection




The inspections performed and documented by New Energy Thermal Diagnostics are extremely competitive. We pride ourselves on charging a fair rate. Plus, the assurance of knowing your financial investment is safe is a very small price to pay compared to the potential cost of repairs that may be necessary later.

The home or building you want to have inspected may not need all of the specialized inspections we can perform. It is important to us that you have the most competitive and efficient inspection, so we prefer to quote our inspections individually based on the specifics of your situation.

An inspection quote will depend on several factors including:
the square footage and age of the home or building
the types of specialized inspections necessary
the amount of time required to be on-site
Therefore, we ask that you contact us directly so we can fit an appropriate quote to your inspection needs – not the other way around! We will work with you to put together the right inspection for your situation.


There are many things you can do to your home to be more energy efficient.

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