Residential Thermographic Inspections - under construction..

New Evergy Thermal Diagnostics uses thermography or infra red scanning to detect thermal defects and air leakage in your home.. Our inspectors will perform the inspection on the interior or exterior. The inspector decides which method would give the best results under certain weather conditions.

The Residential Audit – Inspection Service is a means to identify problems caused by poor workmanship, design or material failure.  Many customers use this service in the home inspection process while purchasing and is ideal for new home construction.  Problems can be identified while the home is still under warranty or the builder / developer still has an obligation to make necessary repairs.  Existing home owners can benefit by identifying inexpensive repairs that could mean large savings.  Other uses such as after storm structural can help the homeowner when negotiating with the insurance company and/or contractor hired to make the repairs.

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics offers 3 basic services or for maximum results can combine all three.
First, our economic cost-effective plan involves a walk through of your home with our infrared thermal camera and includes complete comprehensive report.  During the audit and inspection, we will look for potential problems and suggest improvements that can be made in attic insulation, duct work, windows and doors.  

With our experience and use of our infrared thermal camera, we help our customers to make the right energy upgrade and improvement decisions. The audit and inspection takes about two hours.  This service includes thermal infrared energy audit inspection of all exterior walls, floors and ceilings. 

Next, the insulation audit – inspection provides you with the knowledge you need to make the most cost effective decisions regarding insulation repairs and upgrades that can be made to improve comfort and reduce energy bills.

Our heating and cooling audit and inspection service is a combination of the Exterior Audit – Inspection and Heating and Cooling Systems.  The infrared thermal camera is used during this audit – inspection, to help determine energy loss while a flow test will be conducted to determine HVAC flow so our customers can make informed decisions about heating and cooling upgrades and to solve comfort zone problems such as drafts and cold / hot spots.  .

Our premium and most effective service provides a combination of all three programs.  This is the most comprehensive and thorough plan our firm offers.  It provides our customers with all the information needed to make or take corrective actions in all areas of the home for energy conservation and determination of problems before they become major.  The audit – inspection will uncover areas of energy loss and give valuable insight as to resolution.  
Each service provides the customer with a complete audit and inspection and will be produced and provided to the customer by mail or email.
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"We were amazed at how the Thermal Imaging picked up on what part of our home needed more insulation and attention. I would not hesitate to reccomend New Energy Thermal Diagnostics to my friends and family" - Julie Miller

"I was very pleased with the results and the professionalism that New Energy Thermal showed me." - John