New Energy Thermal Diagnostics - Partner Program - Comming Soon 2019

PartnershipThe New Energy Thermal Diagnostics Affiliate Partner program is a system of revenue sharing that enables you to turn your website into a profit center.

Using the proven concept of affiliate marketing, the New Energy Partner Program™ utilizes state-of-the-art software to automatically feed ad content to your website. As an New Energy Affiliate Partner, you will earn recognition on our website as well as referrals on neeeded work after thermography reveals a problem.

Best of all, our partner program requires no capital investment and can actually help to increase your website’s prominence and traffic! Business in our country needs to work in harmony with one another and New Energy Thermal Diagnostics is leading the way.


Here’s How New Energy Thermal Partner Program Works

  • In order to participate in the New Energy Thermal Partner program™, you shoud have a website or planning on getting one. We know alot of quality workmanship is done from small grassroots businesses, whom pay attention to deatail and workmanship.
  • Next you must complete the Affiliate Partner Application form
  • Once you are approved as an Affiliate Partner, you may log into our secure website to choose the ads that you wish to display
  • After you have selected your ads, you will be given a code to insert on your webpages. Ads will begin to appear immediately upon your placement of the code. Our webmaster can assist you if needed.
  • Next a logo of your business will be placed on New Energy Partner Page of our website. We also have a news and evnets section for our partners to let others know what your are doing.

When visitors to your site click on an New Energy Thermal Diagnostics ad, they will visit the website. We will have limited partners in different industries that are leaders in quality, integrity and effeciency.

 New Energy Thermal PartnerBenefits

  • Increase offerings to clients with non-competitive products & services
  • Bolster your corporate image – your website becomes a resource for your clients
  • Increase website traffic – your web prominence is enhanced by your association with the infrared industry’s most respected training authority
  • Turn your website into a profit center - generate revenue with no capital expense or overhead

How Do I Start?

Simply complete the online Affiliate Partner Application form. Upon approval, you will receive access to the secure AP website which will provide you with ads and resources for successful participation. There is no financial obligation and since you can opt out at any time, you have nothing to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Become a Partner with New Energy Thermal Diagnostics?
Yes, providing their websites meet our requirements and they have completed an application form. However there will be limited partners in the various industry and areas.

What Does it Cost to Become a Partner with New Energy Thermal Diagnostics?
There is no charge to become an New Energy Thermal Diagnostics Partner.

Do I Have a Choice of Ads?
Yes. Affiliate Partners can choose from several ads posted at our secure website. Once you have selected your ads, simply place the HTML code for the desired ads on your web pages. The ads will begin appearing immediately. New Energy Thermal will periodically change available ad content. This updated content will automatically appear on your web pages. We also provide website assistance in inserting the code.

Can I Place Multiple Ads?
Yes. Because greater exposure increases revenue potential, Affiliate Partners are encouraged to place multiple ads on their web pages and add to the section of new and events on our partner list page. Ads should be placed in a prominent location to maximize their effectiveness.


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