Infrared Thermography for Flat Roofs




Common reasons to inspect roofs using Infrared thermal imaging are:

  • Whenever leaks or water damage is present.
  • As part of a regular preventative maintenance program.
  • When purchasing real estate.
  • When purchasing a new roof system.
  • When re-roofing an existing system.
  • When final inspection on a new roof is occurring.
  • Prior to final payment of a roof repair and or new/re-roof.
  • Disputes or litigation of roof systems and or repairs.

Every day millions of square feet of perfectly good roofing materials are disposed of in our landfills. This is a tremendous waste of resources and money.

Roofs are often replaced because no one knows exactly where the roof is damaged until it is too late.
An ideal way to resolve small roofing problems, and avoid the expense of an entire new roof is with an infrared survey of your roof system.

Common flat roof problems that can be detected by an infrared inspection include:

moisture intrusion due to leaks, badly sealed joints, or failing roofing materials
drains that are plugged
missing insulation or insulation that is poorly installed
excessive roofing layers
substandard repairs

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics can perform a non-invasive infrared thermal imaging scan that measures surface temperatures and temperature variations to safely and efficiently examine the roof for:

damage due from moisture
damp insulation
energy losses through air infiltration or exfiltration.. Pooling Water..

Many people falsely rely on a material warranty to protect them. Roof warranties, written by the material supplier, many times do not cover defects in the installation process.  It is well known that in the first 3 to 5 years, many roofing systems develop small problems in the seams and penetrations, where vents, A/C lines, or access hatches are installed.

The bottom line is that if you want your roof to last, it must be regularly inspected and maintained. An infrared roof survey is the best method of non-invasive inspection for flat or low slope roofs.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.   This statement could not have more meaning than with all roofing systems commercial and residential.  With advances made in today’s infrared technology, it just makes sense to have a comprehensive infrared inspection so you can know the true condition of your roofing system, To keep your new roof in new condition, and make informed decisions about preventing small problems from becoming large ones. 

If you know of, or suspect you have a problem in a flat or low slope roof, or if you have a new roof which you are interested in keeping in new condition, contact us  today for immediate peace of mind





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