Energy Audits Using Infrared Thermography

Thermal Scan Diagnostics Performing an energy efficiency scan during your infrared thermal inspection can save you money by targetting areas of your home to improve insulation, replace windows, or other updates. In these times of high energy bills and the need to conserve, you want your home's energy consumption to be as efficient as possible, but loss of heat and cooling can mean a significant loss of efficiency and wasted money.

Hot or cool air flowing from your home through unseen cracks or poorly insulated cavities costs you money every day.

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics performs non-invasive infrared thermal imaging scans that measures the energy efficiency of your home, including surface temperatures and variations. The thermal imaging scan can reveal energy losses through:



door and window seals

missing or marginal insulation
roof, attic, and eaves
leaking or improperly insulated HVAC duct work
interior and exterior walls
ceilings and floors

Our New Energy Thermal Diagnostic report will document our findings and our evaluation of each problem. Each report includes convential and infrared photographs wherever necessary to demonstrate our findings.

Our non destructive approach saves time, energy, and money.

Our New Energy Thermal Diagnostics Survey report will document the issues we find and our evaluation of each problem.




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There are many things you can do to your home to be more energy efficient.

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