Commercial Infrared Thermography

Commercial Audit – Inspection Service

In commercial environments, loss of energy has a direct impact to the owner’s bottom line.  In many cases high utility bills can mean the difference between profit and LOSS.  The key word being ‘loss’.  Simply put, lost energy is lost money.  From hotels/motels to office buildings and in fact all commercial buildings, energy costs are a big part of the bottom line.  An Infrared Thermal Energy Audit can reveal many types of energy loss from windows doors, roof tops and vents.  Even a small increase in overall efficiency can have potentially large and positive bottom line impact.
After our onsite inspection, our team will provide you with a comprehensive Thermal Energy Audit Report that will reveal all areas that could be improved (insulation, weatherization around doors and windows for example) that could greatly reduce your overall energy consumption and lead to an improved bottom line.  

Industrial Audit – Inspection Service

The applications for Industrial energy audits are numerous.  Just as in commercial environments, energy loss has a direct bottom line impact.  Even more so.   Equipment and production downtime loss equates to a big impact to profitability in many ways.  A Comprehensive Thermograhy Audit can reveal problems within machinery and production equipment before they occur and allow for corrective measures and preventative maintenance in advance.
For example, a  Power System Audit will provide a thermal diagnostic test of all electrical circuits in the buildings power grid.  The Audit can indicate problematic areas in your electrical system to prevent loss of operation, and potential damage to equipment and help to maintain optimal performance.
In analyzing circuits, we can discover fuses, switches, disconnects, and motor control devices that are exhibiting  early signs of thermal breakdown and could result in outages, loss of production,  loss of material  and product.
Further, with production equipment, friction causes heat, bearings and other parts wear out. This is a simple principle of physics and what makes digital thermography  so valuable in the area of mechanical inspections.  As with electrical inspections, preventative maintenance is infinitely preferred to post breakdown repairs.
We will provide a professional and comprehensive Thermal Audit Report that will illustrates all potential issues  discovered in the Audit.  We can help you eliminate problematic failures before they occur and recommend solutions to prevent them from causing downtime and potentially costly events.
While everyone in production environments knows that preventative maintenance is infinitely preferred to post breakdown repairs, ‘prevention’ is never an easy or exact task.  Thermal Imaging will provide you with solid factual information and will reveal what the naked eye simply can’t see.





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