New Energy Thermal Diagnostics

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics uses infrared thermography that produces images from thermal scanning. Infrared thermography is a cost -effective approach for assessing defects not normally seen by the naked eye. Infrared thermography can see problems and issues invisible to other inspection methods.

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics was formed by  a group of professionals  with several years of experience in diverse aspects of  real estate, engineering, and construction backgrounds.   After experiencing the breakthrough technology of Infrared thermography, and how it literally helps the blind to see.  It became obvious that  the applications and effect of Infrared thermal imaging technology in the field of energy, conservation and efficiency was a service that which offers great benefit for  every person who pays a utility bill.


Most popular Inspections

Exterior EvaluationsInfrared Imagers allow us to
evaluate and detect moisture.
Leak DetectionInfrared thermography can
detect and localize the location.
Energy AuditsEnergy audits done by our
thermographer can survey

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our program.  All of our technicians use cutting edge equipment and processes to provide the very best, most thorough reports possible.
Our engineering department is constantly evaluating and improving our techniques and training to provide the finest possible service to our customers.


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The greenest energy on the planet is the energy you don't consume!
A ten year study by The Hartford Insurance Co. determined that a proper Infrared Predictive Maintenance Program
produces 400% return on investment.

New Energy Thermal is committed to doing our part in sustainability of our planets natural resources.