Infrared Thermography Surveys can see problems and issues invisible to other inspection methods.

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics is located in Melbourne, Florida in Brevard County that specializes in performing thermal imaging that uncovers and identifyies potential hidden building defects in commercial, multi family , and residential properties through infrared thermography surveys. Our Technicians travel throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and various other state upon request.

Energy Audits ScansWith the dramatic increase in energy prices many owners are becoming more concerned with the efficiency of their building.We can perform an energy audit that will identify heat loss and improper/inadequate insulation installation. Accurately detect moisture issues located behind exterior and interior walls Read more..
infrared thermography surveysLeak DetectionInfrared thermography surveys can
detect and localize the location of
most water / moisture in windows,
doors, ceilings, or walls. Having
thermography done limits the
repair costs..
infrared thermography surveysElectrical Surveyincreased usage of thermal imaging to detect construction defects and diagnose energy efficiency concerns in new and existing construction is Read more...

infrared thermography surveysAfter Storm Assessmentresponding to storm damaged homes and buildings provides the owners accurate documentation for insurance companies. Read more...
infrared thermography surveysFlat Roof SurveysRoofing Inpections detect wet insulation in roof systems quickly and efficiently. Infrared Thermography is an invaluable non-destructive & non-contact tool to detect hidden roof leaks without damaging interior surfaces .Read more...
infrared thermography surveysExterior EvaluationsWe can evaluate a building’s exterior wall system for water intrusions that have damaged the exterior sheathing and/or structural components.. Read more...


Are you looking for ways to save your energy dollars and lower your impact on the environment? Infrared Thermography surveys is the answer.

With technology developed by NASA, and used primarily in the space program, it is now possible to inspect and evaluate residential and commercial structures in ways, which were not available even a few years ago.  The evolution of this technology, combined with our proprietary processes and software, has reached a point where it is now possible to perform an infrared thermal scan, and diagnose issues which are invisible to the normal inspection processes.

Everybody is aware of the extreme efficiency that can be obtained by over insulating the attic, or installing thermo pane windows.  Our next generation inspection system, in many cases, will reveal issues and details , which can be easily resolved for far less expense and effort.  As in most situations, when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home or business, attention to the details  can be the most cost effective step in drastically changing your energy costs

Our infrared inspection process can see through walls to reveal deficiencies in the insulation system, past or current moisture intrusion, pest infestation, and much more.
Our Barometric pressure test  uses calibrated blower doors together with the infrared thermal technology to reveal leaks in the air envelope of the structure. Many properties have significant small air intrusion issues. The net effect of several small air leaks can be the equivalent of leaving a window continuously open.

Our guarantee

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our program.  All of our technicians use cutting edge equipment and processes to provide the very best, most thorough reports possible.
Our Quality Control Department is constantly evaluating and improving our techniques and training to provide the finest possible service to our customers

Infrared Thermal Scans Service Areas in Florida and Georgia

New Energy Thermal Diagnostics Services all cities of Florida and Georgia for Infrared Thermography imaging.



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January 2019 - Hurricane Season is comming fast. When a storm hits thermography is an ideal non intrusive way to find damage and moisture..

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New Energy Thermal travels to NC to perform Infrared thermography on log homes..

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Conservation and Efficiency will provide the most cost effective and immediate results.

infrared thermography surveys


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Preparing for Thermography survey

Before the energy audit of your home, make a list of any existing problems, such as condensation and uncomfortable or drafty rooms.

infrared thermography surveys
Thermal scan technology can show you how to optimize your energy dollars and where to get the best return for your investment in upgrades and renovations.

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